Friday, August 19, 2011

Guest photographer at the Applesauce Inn B&B

By the light of the Moon.
Our guests Ray and Lori Clossen stayed with us for a few days last week!  They brought both their bikes and their kayaks, and were not disappointed!  Day 1 was bike ride day~and boy did they ride!!  This is a great area for bike riding...awesome hills and gorgeous scenery, little towns like Alden and Bellaire to stop in along the way, grab a bite to eat or just enjoy the lakeviews!  Day 2 was photo day!  Ray brought his digital camera (nice set up) and his tri-pod and he set it up on our wrap around porch!  The photos he sent me are amazing! And I wanted to share them here!   We have hummingbird feeders set up in different areas around the porch, and they are quite active!  I have to fill up the feeders once a day!  The little hummers are getting all fattened up for their journey south this fall! 

Ray also took some great shots of my rooster Mr. Big!!  Isn't he a handsome guy?  Noisy...but what a looker!!  His breed is called Barred Rock....and the markings are beautiful! 

The lady to the left is Baby!  She was one of my little runts....took forever to into everything and was always the 1st little chick to come over to me!  She is super sweet, makes little gurgling sounds when I come around now!!

Day 3 for the Clossen's was kayaking day...the weather was PERFECT..they chose the Jordan River and said they had a blast!  What a busy 3 day getaway they had! 

We look forward to meeting you and sharing your stories too!  Check out our website for awesome links and information to help you plan your getaway!  Fall is coming, the best weather of the year, and NO crowds!  Give us a call!!
Jamie~your Innkeeper

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  1. Loved every minute we spent at Applesauce and the Bellaire area, looking forward till when we can do it again.