Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lil' Applesauce Inn 15 ladies and 2 kid cats

Lil' Applesauce Inn under construction
Here is the chicken coop after all the wood was taken off the front and off the floor!  It was pretty precarious!  But Gary was able to shore the puppy up and she is not going anywhere!  We were able to reuse almost all of the wood...and the cost for reconstruction was a box of nails and a few of our weekends!
Almost finished!
Gary and I found some cool old aluminum roofing at this awesome junkyard located down the highway from us!  We used the roofing to add a little shade awning on the right of the coop for the ladies!  The roof panels had the perfect patina...and we got 4 of them for only $10.00.....more eco chic recycling!!!  I love it!  In the wood pile that was inside the coop was a super cool panel that was held together by an old rusty hinge~so I created the Lil' Applesauce Inn sign with it!

The ladies house sign!
The ladies are getting pretty big....they are starting to lose the baby fluff...and feathers are coming in!  They are just so darn cute!  I created a makeshift pen for them this last Sunday as it was warm and sunny! 

Chicks in the sun
They love to scratch around in the dirt and chase each other!  I hate to have to put them back in the brooder but they are still too small.  I let my kid cats out to check them out!  Pretty comical!!

Boo checking out the chicks

Angel and little peep
Both kid cats were intrigued for all of about 5 minutes....then they were on to other things in the yard!  Funny to watch them as they 1st discovered these little fluff balls behind the fence!

Spring is definitely here....
Look forward to seeing you here at the Inn!
Gary and Jamie~your Innkeepers

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