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Michigan Bed and Breakfast Blog: Pesky Add-on Hotel Fees..Yet Another Reason to stay at a B&B

Michigan Bed and Breakfast Blog: Pesky Add-on Hotel Fees..Yet Another Reason to stay at a B&B

Marti Mayne / Boston Bed & Breakfast Examiner /

David Wilkening, a leading writer for, warned travelers to expect more fees when visiting hotels this year.

In his recent article entitled Hotels: In airline style, expect more fees Wilkening quoted Bjorn Hanson, an associate professor at NY University Tisch Center predicting “Despite a forecast for a continued decline in hotel rates in 2010, hoteliers will become more aggressive in collecting fees and surcharges this year”.  According to Wilkening, Bjorn predicted an increase over the existing one billion dollars in collected fees and surcharges by US hotel companies this year.

While I enjoy staying in hotels from time to time, I prefer B&Bs not only because they are each so distinctively unique, but they are also fee-free. Nothing bothers me more than the high prices for add-ons at hotels, and nothing makes me happier than all the complimentary amenities at B&Bs. Just for kicks and giggles, I decided to do a little comparision shopping between hotels and B&Bs in Boston.

First I called two Marriott hotels. Not only was a surprised at the high fees for parking, breakfast and Internet access, I found it incredible that the costs vary from one Boston Marriott location to the next. I found the same high parking, breakfast and internet access costs at the.......


Boys and Girls...the moral of this story was that the author found he could save $150.00 per day by staying at a B&B in Boston instead of a hotel...all because of the outrageous 'tack-ons' the hotels use to boost revenues.

At the Applesauce Inn Bed & Breakfast~we include all the little extras, free Wi-Fi,  free breakfast, free home baked cookies and dessert, free cable, free movies....

It is better at a Bed & Breakfast~
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