Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet the newest Applesauce Inn B&B family member

Hello~my name is Buster!
This is Buster!!  He is a Pit/Mastiff/Shepard and whatever else you want to through in there mix!!  He is about  year and a half and still all PUPPY!!!  He is a rescue from H.A.N.D.D.S out of Traverse City!  We are working with him daily to get him used to being around the B&B!  He is a beautiful fellow!  Very gentle personality...but he thinks he is smaller than he really is!  Our 2 kid cats~ Boo and Angel are adjusting slowly....Boo is eating Buster's food and both kids are drinking out of his water dish :)  But my little Angel is still terrified....again we are working on that! 
We have so many awesome changes happening here at the B&B...the Holidays are approaching....baking and decorating start in 2 weeks!!  So be sure to come and see us soon!!

Jamie~your Innkeeper

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