Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Putting up Pickles~Applesauce Inn B&B

There is just something special about putting away summer veggies!!  I love to open the cupboard, and take down a jar of tomato sauce or pickles or jam that I have made myself!  It is very rewarding!  Today I was able to can a few jars of dill pickles!  Unfortunately most of my pickles in the garden at the Applesauce Inn B&B didn't far well this year...I only got a handful...but one of Gary's co-workers brought in a big bag full for me to have!  Very excited!  I had just enough to can for myself~Gary is not a pickle kind of guy!!  Next I am hoping to make some tomato sauce, and some of my basil pesto to put away! 
There is an awesome song from folk singer Greg Brown called Canned Goods... here is the link Canned Goods  His Grandma put summer in a jar!!!  Song brings a tear to my eye everytime!! 

Fall is coming...you can already tell by the slow movement of the sun in the west....means color will soon be adorning the trees up north!!  It also means an abundance of produce..and more opportunities to put summer in a jar!!
Won't you join me here at the B&B...we have a great special for Fall on our website...check it out
Applesauce Inn Website

See you soon~
Jamie~your Innkeeper

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  1. Thanks for posting this Jamie. My wife loves pickles...so now I'm wondering if I should try canning some so she has a nice stockpile to chow on all year! Let's squeeze every last drop out of summer though before we start mentioning fall. Haha!