Monday, July 25, 2011

Come up and meet Big Mama at the Applesauce Inn B&B

This is a story about a hen, who was bought as a layer hen, but turns out she is a he!!  I had ordered 15 pullets, and all along thought that is what I got.  As time went by, Big Mama just kept getting bigger...hence the name!  But then the beautiful red comb started to show, and then....she/he started to greet the sun each and every morning with her/his attempt at started off pretty weak at first...but now he is getting his lungs and the hang of it!  He also will continuously crow until he and his girls are let out of there run in the morning!!  Big Mama is a Barred Rock...and he is gorgeous! 

Gary also has a new girlfriend.....this is Blondie...and she just adores him!  She follows him around, pecks at his martini glass begging for olives and as you can see, will let him hold her!  Each of our girls have very distinct personalities....our Reds (Rhode Islands) have gotten very smart and know that when I bring them treats, it usually means they have to go back into their they split and hide from me!! 

All of our guests just love to watch the chickens run around in the mornings while they enjoy their coffee or tea on the wrap around porch!  Loads of pics have been taken of my ladies/gent...they make our home even more enjoyable!
So make sure to think about the Applesauce Inn B&B when you are planning your up North Getaway!  Fall Color will soon be here...and we have an awesome color vacation package available on our website!  Be sure to book early....Fall is fleeting....
See you soon~
Jamie~your Innkeeper

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  1. Your Inn looks gorgeous! I will certainly keep it in mind if I ever travel to your area!