Monday, June 6, 2011

What a weather fantastic weekend! Applesauce Inn B&B

Good Morning Sunshine
We had some friends come up and join us for the wonderful weather this past weekend!  They towed up their 5th wheel and their boat!  It was so awesome to spend some time with them!  Saturday we took the boat out on Lake Bellaire...which is 5 minutes from our B&B and saw several Loons (a personal favorite of mine).
Loon on Lake Bellaire
Loon on Lake Bellaire
Then we rode through the Grass River Natural Area to Clam Lake where we saw muskrats, small mouth bass, rock bass and many birds!  We saw a Bald Eagle and an Osprey!  This area is just teaming with wild life!  Gary and I got our fishing we want a boat!  Maybe this coming weekend we will find one (fingers crossed).
Grass River

Grass River

Grass River connect Lake Bellaire to Clam Lake which connects to Torch Lake!  This lovely area is known as the "Chain of Lakes".....and it is just beautiful!  On Clam Lake you can pull your boat right up to the Dockside Restaurant....get out and eat...get back in your boat and enjoy the sunset on Torch Lake!  The Applesauce Inn B&B has ample parking for your be sure to bring it up with you!

The family!
We had such a wonderful time playing tourists with our friends!  We hope you will come up and enjoy what this area has to offer!  I have tons of links and information on our website that will help you plan out your vacation..please stop by!  Applesauce Inn Bed & Breakfast

We look forward to meeting you soon~
Gary & Jamie~your Innkeepers


  1. Did U know loons typically live 15 years? Sometimes much longer.

    They live off shore in the ATL and parts of the Pacific and in the Gulf on rafts all winter and then come inshore to mate at our lakes. They usually mate for life, but migrate independently and meet back up at their fave lake for breeding.

    They only live in the Northern United States and North America, no other continents have loons. So next time you hear their howl you will know they chose your area specially!

  2. Thank you Shellie for the cool info! I had know idea...I just know that I adore them...and love to hear them. We have a lake behind our Inn...a few miles in and we can hear them at night! Beautiful creatures...and you added info just solidified that fact!!!