Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The snow has returned

Our Soon to be Chicken Coop
It started snowing on Saturday, and it hasn't stopped!  It is all light and fluffy, the "snowglobe" snow!  The pine trees are all covered, and it is just so BEAUTIFUL!  I just took these shots before it got too dark! 
Walnut tree on the back of our property

The sky was just starting to clear, so it gave a lovely pinky tinge to everything! 
The view from the side porch at sunset

I just love how the light is always changing~so much fun to watch and capture with the camera!

The Barn
I am in love with this barn that is just down the road!  The light is always different on the barn and the sunsets are always amazing on this hillside.  So there will always be pictures of the barn! 

So the snow is back, the slopes are hopping, and the trails are waiting!  Come up North!!!
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Hope to see you soon
Gary and Jamie~your Innkeepers

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