Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Revamped Dining Room

We tackled the dining room this last week~we really wanted to create a warm and brighter room, so we changed the wall color from a red raspberry color to a warm golden yellow. 

Wall clean up
Of course, you just can't paint...there are always holes that need to be patched, cracks that need to be sealed and with us, the beautiful wood trim needed to be sanded and re-stained.  This was quite a task, but it really turned out beautiful in the end.  The original wall paint color needed to have 2 coats of primer, and then it took 2 more coats of the yellow.

New color
After we re-stained the wood, we needed to also paint the ceiling, which we thought was a warm soft pink, turns out it was also a raspberry color, just not as dark as the walls.  We chose a warm yellow white, and it turned out we did not have enough paint, so a trip into town took up half a day. 

Ceiling before
The other challenge on the ceiling was this beautiful mural, that had been created by a prior owner.  We did not want to lose this, but we also needed to have it blend in with the new color scheme.  So Gary did some feathering of paint, some sponging and it really looks great.  He is going to go in and add some more green leaves at a later time.
Ceiling mural after
Here is the final ceiling color, much brighter, and it really reflects the light now from the windows.  It feels so much more open.

We also added a larger mirror above the beverage area, changed the lamp shades to white, from gold, all in the attempt to capture more light.  So now we are much happier with this room!  Hope our guests will enjoy it too!
Hope to see you soon~
Gary and Jamie~your Innkeepers

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