Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Favorite Area Attraction-Grass River Natural Area

Golden Alder's on the Finch Creek
We took a day out for ourselves yesterday and visited the beautiful Grass River Natural Area near Bellaire.  This area is the very 1st natural preserve of it's kind ever created in Michigan.  This area was set aside as a preserve 40 years ago, and is worth taking the time to visit!  Take a peek at their incredible website grassriver.org and add it to your "bucket list" of places to see!

Grass River connects Lake Bellaire to Clam Lake

Finch Creek
The trails that wind their way through this marshland, wetland area are very easy to walk on, so it is an amazing place for all ages.  I was constantly taking deep breaths of pure clean air, fragrances were coming from the fresh earth, the cedars and pines.  I call them "Smell Alerts".....and there is nothing better!  It is a wonderful place to just sit and listen!  It is late fall now, so many of the birds and various wildlife have moved South for the year, but if you really took the time, you could hear the Chickadees, American Goldfinch, the Raven's deep throated clucks and the occasional cry from the Blue Jays.
Cool green moss ball!  It looks alien doesn't it?

  I am really looking forward to visiting this area, which is literally 5 minutes from our B&B, during the winter with my snowshoes!  Spring will also be a MUST see!  I can't wait to find some morels in the pine thickets! 

Gary and I will be checking out all the local scenes in the weeks and months to come.  Check back often and learn about what makes Antrim County so very special!

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